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Pest Control & Cleaning Services in Kerala provides a Top Class & best professional pest control services completely customized to meet the requirements of residential, commercial and industrial needs.

Termite Control (Pre & Post)

Termites popularly known as white ants cause considerable damage to wood works, furnishing etc. of buildings. The Latin name Isoptera means "equal wing" and refers to the fact that the front set of wings on a reproductive termite is similar in size and shape to the hind set.

Ants Control

The ant is another common pest in Calicut. Ants do not carry any disease; therefore, pose no threat to human or pet life. PCCS Pest Control gives ants pest control service all around Calicut, Kerala.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are among the most common pests infesting homes and apartments. They are especially troublesome where food is prepared and sanitation is lacking. Cockroaches are repulsive and embarrassing to most people simply by theirpresence.

Rats Control

Rats are some of the most troublesome and damaging rodents in the World. They eat and contaminate food, damage structures, and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans.


House Fly

Flies are the insects of the order Diptera, the name being derived from Greek di = two, and ptera = wings. Insects of this order use only a single pair of wings to fly, the hind wings being reduced to club-like balancing organs known as Halteres.