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Pest Management

Cockroache, Ants, Lizard and Silverfish Control:-

Cockroache, Ants, Lizard and Silverfish Control

1) Insect Control-Building Interior.

Pests Covered: All species of cockroaches, Ants.

Mode of Treatment: This service comprises of the use of “Micro Dose” Baiting Technique in conjunction with liquid pesticide formulation in the form of “Crack & Crevice” treatment wherever necessary. The combination of pesticides selected under this TPM service is comparatively less toxic and has proved highly effective. We intend to use synthetic pyrethroid as liquid pesticide formulation for the disinfestations service.

Advantages of this Service:

Fly Control:-

Pests Covered: House Flies.

Mosquito Control :-

We recommend you Eco Friendly chemical spray in out side and Breading points on the basis of through inspection.

Thermal Fogging in surrounding area of the premises